Students code of practice

Students code of practice

1. Students must show proper respect for their Instructor and fellow students.

2. Only standard N.K.K.A. uniforms must be worn in class.

3. Uniforms must be clean and tidy.

4. All graded students MUST wear their appropriate belts.

5. No jewellery should be worn by students in class.

6. Finger and toe nails must be kept at a reasonable length.

7. Students must wear the appropriate safety equipment for sparring, to protect not only themselves but also their fellow students.

8. Students must obtain the Instructor’s permission before leaving a class.

9. Membership Cards must be produced at every training session, including gradings and courses.

10. If the Instructor is not present, the highest grade student will start the class on time and will be treated with respect by other pupils.

11. Class Fees must be paid at the start of each lesson. You must tell the Instructor if you have forgotten money, etc.

12. All students should be in possession of a current licence. Application Forms may be obtained from your Instructor.