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Faversham & Canterbury

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We have been training in Faversham and Canterbury for over 20 years, teaching sport Karate based on the traditional Japanese style of Wado Ryu, an all-round discipline that improves fitness, confidence, respect and self-esteem.

Faversham - Mondays at 7.00pm, The Baptist Church, St Marys Road, ME13 8EE.
Canterbury - Tuesdays at 7.15pm, St Dunstans Church Hall, London Road CT2 8LS.

Karate training in Faversham and Canterbury

Men, women and children of all ages can participate in Karate. Each student, regardless of age or ability, progresses at their own rate.


Our Instructors are qualified first aiders, and have full professional insurance.

Colin Dixon

6th Dan – Canterbury

Andy Vine

1st Dan – Faversham

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